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Talk about my rookie mistake!

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pat riotic:

--- Quote from: madmack76 on September 21, 2010, 05:48:23 PM ---therse no margin of error for any type of hunting

--- End quote ---
True dat but more when bow hunting i think? :P

My Elk stepped out from behind the tree just 10 yards away from my stand. I said "I have this one!"
When the arrow hit the ground just short of the Elk...I just stared in disbelief.  :yike:
 Found out later, I was so excited when I let fly, Both my eyes were wide open (I normally shoot with just one eye open).
 Later practicing on the Range and it did the same thing, falling just short of the Target.  :dunno:
Live and learn.  ;)

You'll find yourself doing lots of dumb stuff in hindsight. Every hunt is a learning experience, just try your darndest not to make the same mistake twice. I missed a deer at about fifteen yards this year with a rifle so I wouldn't beat yourself up too bad.

No need to be hard on yourself. Itís a learning process through it all. Everyone does something at some point that we can look back and say what was I doing or thinking. I still have mishaps and still learn. Even with many years and animals under my belt. Including a world record and a couple top ten in the world animals with a bow and a top 3 Washington animal with a bow. We are all still learning.

I shoot 4 fletch arrows for a reason I donít ever have to look or pay any attention to what way my odd vane is facing. In a hurry to reload I have knocked it wrong in my young days and had arrows go astray. Iíve gotten frustrated with myself to but it doesnít help anything. Stay focused if you got mentors listen. YouTube now days is a huge help with so many things. Lots of members here are very accomplished archers and hunters. Always happy to help and a youth with a good positive attitude will always find good help and info.

you should never be nocking a arrow when in the stand...unnecessary movement.I would say over 70% of the bucks I killed from a stand woulda never been killed if I was nocking a arrow when they come in


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