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What's the deal with Moses Lake walleye?


Launched the boat at 6:30 friday morning at Connelly Park. Trolled Wally Pops and crank baits(3 guys, 3 poles) and nothing. Trolled around the island and up north. Got back at the boat launch at 12:30. Talked to some other guys and they had nothing(no walleye). What's the deal? Biologists counted over 100 fish caught in one day a couple weeks ago. How did the tournament guys do this weekend?

I overheard a conversation in the post office about how poor the walleye were there and at the Banks tournament.  Folks weren't very happy.  This big surge in temp may have had something to do with it, though I'm not sure if it effected the water temp much.

I fished way up north Sunday morning and caught a 3.5 and 2 lbs walleye then nothing... the week before 5 and 3 lbs by peninsula launch...they seem to be real scattered.  And lately I cant catch more than two at a time...I didnt catch the weigh in on Sunday but the paper will tell the tale.  I did talk to a guy at the state park launch who caught a 4 lbs and 11.5 lbs fish in 20 feet of water...mine were in 5 feet of water...the temps may definitely have an effect. 


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