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lumii tribal member facing charges for illegal netting

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Tribal Member Sells Chinook, Illegally: Lummi Law and Order Officer Jefferson received a call from an anonymous citizen regarding a Lummi Tribal Member who was gillnetting threatened spring Chinook salmon from the lower Nooksack River. The suspect was reportedly selling large numbers of salmon to locals. Officer Jefferson passed along the information to WDFW Officer Jones and Sgt. Mullins. With returning spring Chinook numbers measured in the hundreds, this became the highest enforcement priority. Two illegal set nets were located in a remote part of the River delta, on reservation. The nets had cut-down floats that were clearly designed to help avoid detection. Officer Jones and Sgt. Mullins worked with Lummi Officer James and NMFS Special Agents to conduct extended surveillance. This led to video of the suspect using a kayak to remove seven 15 to 25 pound Chinook from one net over two days. Once commercial sale of two of the fish was documented, the suspect was immediately contacted and was prevented from killing any more of the fish. When confronted with the officers’ observations, the suspect decided to cooperate and subsequently admitted he had killed at least 25 spring Chinook over the previous two weeks and had sold 20 of them for $20 each. The suspect’s actions did not fall under State jurisdiction. Lummi Law and Order and NMFS intend to pursue simultaneous prosecutions under Lummi Title 10 and Federal ESA and Lacey Act. KING 5 and the Bellingham Herald ran the story. (Statewide Marine Division)

poached for a buck a pound...damn shame, less than hot dogs. it's good that he's facing charges by the feds. the nooksack springers are ESA listed. apparently the lumii tribe has a good record of crimes duely punished and this should not get swept under the carpet.

 Jack, please keep us informed of what slap on the wrist this guys gets. We need to make sure our co-manager's are doing their job.

The state would actually make money if they subsidized the commercial portion of the fish from the tribes...rebuilt the fish runs and turn this state into a sportsman dream. Now it's like a group of kids around a bowl of candy...everyone getting as much as they can before its gone. The tribes are targeting native runs and destroying what we are $$paying for to rebuild....seems fishy.
My cost for springers is about $100.00 per fish...maybe more with all included.
Just my $.02


--- Quote ---The state would actually make money if they subsidized the commercial portion of the fish from the tribes
--- End quote ---

Fantastic concept. The reality is America and Washington State politics doesn't want to touch that with a 10 foot pole. The governments are too busy trying to rectify what happened to Indian tribes generations ago. In light of that they have given them enough rights to destroy animal herds and fish populations which many of these claimed ownership and protectiveness over as part of their argument to get the rights they are now abusing.

The example you made which I quoted (not the part about breaking the existing laws) is more rooted in that than anything else as far as I can see. None of my ancestral blood had anything to do with native Indian oppression, decimation, domination, or the whole foundation which these special rights are built upon. Therefore I don't agree with the laws however I obey and honor them. I'd go on further but feel like I am already preaching to the choir.


--- Quote ---My cost for springers is about $100.00 per fish...maybe more with all included.

--- End quote ---
dang...you're doing good.


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