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Sapphire Traditional Archery.... bow test results...

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Check out this link...
I sent a bow to a guy that tested about 26 bows today. They standardized the tests by using the same proportion of arrow weight to each bows draw weight, similar strings, all drawn to 28 AMO and using a release on a shooting machine.

I am very happy to be in 2nd place with a "production" bow that I sell to the public. The winning bow is a homemade bow (by a fantastic bowyer) but is not offered for sale to the public.

SPeed isn't everything in the world of archery, but what a lot of us are realizing is that the bows that are fast are usually the easiest shooting, smoothest, quietest, least shocky bows on the market... I have to concur....

Anyhow, just thought I'd post this as I'm a proud papa of that bow!

PS...I am Ernie McKenzie, owner of Sapphire Traditional Archery and site sponsor here...

Congratulations Ernie......HOT DAMN!  I got my order in before he gets even more famous and his prices go up.  Way to go.  I've been preaching that this whole time, but it sounds better when it comes from the experts.  WAY TO GO!!!!!!!!!!! 

WAY TO GO! Congratulations Ernie.  I'm not a bow man, love the idea just never learned to shoot one. You made the one Boneaddict has and it's a beautiful piece of work, he loves the way it shoots and has done well with it. :)

Hi Ernie
Do you have a website?
How about showing us some pictures of your bows?
I might be up for another trad bow.


ernie's website:

congrats of these days you'll be hearing from me too.


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