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Yep, not only gay but flaming gay!!!   :P  I got the replacement crab catch record cards for myself and the girls today.  What a bunch of wasted paper!  Mine had everyting that I have purchased this year listed on it including my special permit applications, raffle ticets etc.  I told my wife that if they keep going the way that they are with the paperwork, I'm going to have to start carrying a murse!  :rolleyes:

how do you guys like the parking access thing...i thought it was great...no more crap stuck to my truck. pulled it out of the spot i have it tucked away in my truck last night folded up...seems to be permanently folded in half. won't straighten out.
pbear...when you get your man-purse, be sure to post a pic. we'd love to see that

 -No chit, or buy a wheeled duffel for all the dam paperwork; temp crab card, permanent crab card, snipe permit.....


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