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Hike and fish around Wenatchee?


Hey all, my brother wants to know if anybody knows of any lakes that are within an hours drive of Wenatchee that him and a buddy can hike into (less than 4 miles would be ideal) and fish for some trout.  No fly fishing, just some rooster tails and or possibly some powerbait.  I've always fished the lakes above Wenatchee Heights and never done much hiking to fish a lake.  Any advice?  Thanks!


if i was him...i'd be looking at all those little rivers over there...still a little cold probably, but that'd be the ticket in a month or so if you ask me. entiat river's good i've heard. check the reg's for sure, i think you have to be above the falls, but i've heard there's good wild trout to catch there. any of those little cricks that flow into the columbia will have special reg's to protect salmon and steelhead smolts, but there's got to be a lifetime's worth of trout to catch in those mountain streams. i'd be all over that(with a fly rod, but thats just me). a lot of them could probably use a little population thinning, so take a few home for the frying pan if it's legal.
my $.02

Michael...i pulled these off another site i frrequent...copy and pasted...

There are some little streams that open in June,( Mission, Squilchuck, Stemilt) that have some decent Rainbow fishing but are limited in access, some nice Beaver Ponds in the hills behind Wenatchee and on the West slope of the Columbia. Regulations are the toughy over there but checking the WDFW website and keeping a copy of them in your vehicle is a safe (sometimes) way to go. The East side of the Columbia on the Badger Mountain/Waterville Plateau area is really scenic, if you are interested in Desert Streams you could spend a lot of time hiking the Scabland Coulee's.
Beavers on some of these creeks have created some nice ponds, and springs abound where cold clear water can be found year round. Once again check your regulations, most of these waters won't open until June, but some Eastern Washington creeks have regulations by County, a creek that you might think is closed may be open. Were the regulations you dealt with before as diverse? I guess with anadromous fish you run into a lot of variables.
Good exploring...get a Washington State Gazetteer if you haven't already, one of your best single resources.

The Icicle above the hatchery, the Entiat R. above the falls (although it's probably almost as close to go to the Yak), the Little Wenatchee is open above one of the bridges (don't remember which one). Frankly, your options are pretty limited.

i think a few years back wdfw stocked those swakane crk beaver ponds with cutt's. if they are any still alive, they'd be big fish now. that'd be a great exploring trip, but again keep a close eye on the regs.


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