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Yep and they'll keep it till it's gone

They'll say we can use bows to hunt with instead of guns and use it as an excuse to ban semiautomatics and pistols and then ultimately bolt guns. That is if we let it happen which I'm not going to say we are or aren't going to see a gun ban or hunting ban in the near future. We will more than likely see the status quo move back and forth but not much more than that.

I hate to put it like this but if there are more college shootings they may finally allow concealed carry on college campuses. Or it may go the other way but it hasn't yet so there is hope.


Who or what is the SERC, they are based in Madison Wisconsin, it says they are too broke to continue posting and cant answer questions.

I dont think they mean squat or have any power. The site looks official but I bet its a very small personal outfit, seems they cant get the support of even the PETA twits, or they would not be broke.

I DO think we can pass the Right to Hunt, other states and groups did. Of course they were not 'nay sayers, quitters, or guys that only have courage on the internet' and they got off thier butts.

I don't know how this sort of thing is done, but I am willing to do what I can.


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