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Hey passion it seems to me your a never guy. You are always saying things will never happen. Your right they never will happen when we have guys like you out there. Ya know it seem like you have alot to say but it is always a put down on subjects like this one. It seems to me we all have alot to say here on subjects like this. But from where I sit, it seems everyone wants to complain and do nothing about it. I'm really tired of the complaints. All you guys are right we will loose are hunting, fishing, and firearms. The anti's have pulled together as a group and are out to stop us. Why is it as hunters and anglers, we can't pull together or is it to hard to comprehend. We can't depend on SCI, Elk Foundation or other clubs to help us here in Washington, We have to do something about it are selves. Call me a wishful thinker or what you will. But if we don't act now when my 7yrs old boy is my age he won't be able to hunt, nor will he kids and how fair is that to them or your kids. We have f_ _ _ed enough sh_t up for our kids.

My last post on the subject.  Its not going to happen. Good luck with your persuits.

But if we can't hunt anymore we wouldn't have a good enough reason to own a gun.If we loose hunting it's over.. :rolleyes:  :twocents:

Calm down...... The second amendment has nothing to do with hunting and it is not going anywhere I promise ;)

But it's getting chipped away at on a daily basis...


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