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F-S: Stainless Outfitter General Use Knife (Nice)

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I suppose this isn't the best weekend to be posting this! Everybody's gonna be burning their extra money either on the grille or in the fuel tanks!

Anyway, if you've been waiting for a pretty high-end piece, here's one...

It's a modified "Oregon Outfitter" blade by my go-to bladesmith, Gene Martin, of Provision Forge. Made from ATS34 Stainless. This is not a small knife! (Not a Rambo knife, but it's still a handful!) It's 9.75" overall, with a 4.5" blade.

I built it up with a design I've been wanting to do for awhile, with a new twist thrown in! It's laid up FULLY lined and spaced with Brass! 4 peened silver nickle pins, two mosaic pins, one peened, one in at a steep angle right through the brass spacer to look like a badge. Came out uber-cool!

The grips are bolstered with Asian Water Buffalo Horn, and the rest is cured and sealed Cattle Bone.

Enjoy some pics....









 I have an inordinate amount of money in this build, everything about it was expensive. So it's not a cheap knife. I'm asking $295, sheathed in leather and shipped to you.

Thanks Guys!

That is very nice. Out of my range but very nice. You do great work. You need to make the trip down to Olympia on June 28th for the meet and bring some of your work. Good place for guys see in person and buy. Just a thought.

I would have, cwb, for sure... But that's the week I have family up from Texas, so I just can't this time.

I was dissappointed to see the date on this meet & greet. Wish it was a week or two earlier, I'd pick up my lion rug from Michelle and meet you guys before my sister's gang came up!

Thanks. The brass was a risk, but it came out so nice! I'm really tickled with this one.

Just like your calls. Top Notch.

Very sweet looking knife.


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