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Hello fellow members!

I wanted to offer an idea that could bring members together and provide some great opportunities for members to meet each other. After putting some thought into it, the idea that came to mind is this new thread.
If you are going to have an open seat on your boat or would like someone to ride with you for a fishing trip you could ask other members if they would like to go fishing with you. Post the details of your trip in this thread.

Here is a list of useful details. Date of the trip/fish you are after/area that you will fishing -launching /gear needed “note if you have extra gear for people to use if they don’t”. This can also apply for trips to go bank fishing, etc. Just post the info and note how you plan to fish.
FYI - This thread is not for guides or anyone trying to make money by taking another person fishing. But there is nothing wrong with asking someone to share the costs of gas/bait/etc. To go fishing. You will need to talk about this with the person you are going fishing with. I would suggest you use your own discretion regarding who you choose to meet, but this could be a great way to meet new members and have some fun fishing! I also suggest that if anyone approaches you asking you to pay for a fishing trip, please report it. Good luck if you go fishing.

great idea!! I go fishing during the middle of the week allot and am by myself from time to time . It would be fun to meet some new people and shot the breeze :) :)

I have seen this on other forums, seem to work well.  I often have an open seat or two on my boat.  I will post details if Im looking for someone to go with. 

Sounds good to me as i dont know anybody around the spokane area with the exception of the people i have chatted with in this forum.  I usually have the back deck open.  I will post next time i go out.

I am ALWAYS out fishing/crabbing/shrimping so if anyone wants to go, just let me know
I keep my boat in La Conner and fish around Whidbey and San Juans


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