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F/S: 2 in 1 Distress Call - Stabilized Mallee Burl

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This is a poly-resin stabilized, Australian Brown Mallee Burl, echo chamber body... Mated with a long, tapered channel, open reed, RainShadow Distress board, with a raspy double reed. Sound is fantastic, both in the body and out! Super easy to blow! Two VERY DISTINCT voices from the same reed!  Does ALL distress, and rips out some great pup/female howls! (Looks good too! Sorry about the handheld evening pics, this is a NICE piece of stock!)






$45 obo for this one. It's a looker, but the voice and flexability of this call is the real beauty. It'll do anything, from the tinyest pigmy cottontail to a NASTY bear cub!

Thanks Guys! 

Nice looking call.  I like the wood.   

:'( I just suck and havn't gotten the hang of open reed calls.


--- Quote from: Michelle_Nelson on June 02, 2008, 09:41:32 PM ---
:'( I just suck and havn't gotten the hang of open reed calls.

--- End quote ---

That's the problem.. You are supposed to blow, not suck. :chuckle:

No comment.   8)

I used to have a tutorial on my website that would have cleared that right up for you, Michelle! Gotta get that put back up there...


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