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How to train a lab to point

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Wanting to train my lab to point and not looking to send her off to a trainer. Just looking for some tips on how to go about it and don't real want to buy a book. So some input would be greatly appreciated. She is really well mannered and is a easy learner.

First of all do you have a shock collar? How old is you Lab?

No shock collar and she is a year and half old

If your dog does'nt point natural, then about all you can do is teach her/him is to stand game. One way is to card a pidgon and put your dog in a long lead. At first your dog will try and flush the bird, but with you holding the end of the lead, hold your dog to where he/she can not catch the bird at the same time yelling "Whoa". It'll take quit a few time's [unless your dog is a quick learner]. When I trained my dog, I had him sit in frount of me, gave him the stay comand, and with the lead connected to his collar, I would steadly put pressure, pulling the lead toward me little by little,..  at the same time repeating the word "Whoa". My lab is a natural pointer..  just wanted him to learn to hold a staunch point. After that it also made it easyer to teach him steady to flush, and steady to shot.

Her first time out was pheasant hunting and the first bird she found was about 5 feet in front of her and stop on a dime and looked at the bird then at me after about the fourth time she looked at me I sent her. But since then she was sick and then in heat for pretty much the rest of pheasant season. So I didn't get a chance to work with her more on it. I just don't her to catch the scent and blow off running to where I won't be able to shoot. My other lab does that and don't want my pup to do it. I don't run them together so she doesn't get the bad habits I've been trying to work out of the other one. If she'd just hold steady on one that would be good. I'll work with her on a long lead. I can get her to sit and stay and can walk away from her pretty far.


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