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Rigging for bear

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In Idaho, this is ALF a plott hound I used to own:

Couple of Blueticks and a redbone, down in the Clearwater area of Idaho:

Bear treed in Northern CA, it was a HOG:

Whisper treeing on a coon:

Sarge and Whisper with a nice coon:

Cool pics. I miss running hounds on cats and bear. I had a dozen plotts/walkers back when I was a teenager. Once they banned us they all went to Idaho to family over there. They still have some of them and have offsprings from the bitches. If I ever get the chance again, I would love nothing more to have a few hounds. Love the bawl of them in the mountains. Where do you guys run your hounds. Some of my family lives up in Bonnersferry area.

Very cool pics, and your right, that bear is a pig!

I run in Spokane, Stevens and Pend Oreille counties for coon and lion,as well as Idaho when I'm lucky enough to draw a permit.  I usually go down for a few dya to Northern CA to run bear with a good friend down there.  I will try for another lion tag here in WA this year, if I don't get it I'll be heading down to Oregon to run Roberts!


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