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Anybody know much about these dogs.  I saw some purebread puppies on craigs list for 200 bucks. Are they fairly mile manered, i know there good bird dogs. the owners said the dad is a good hunter and the moms sister is good to. Ive been looking at getting a dog for hunting pheasants and my kids have been bugging me to get a dog.

$200 doesn't seem right. Mine was $550 with his papers, and he was on the cheap end, and I had to drive to Corvallis to pick him up. They also have A LOT of energy. When my pup was about 9 months old, I took him to the park and let him run for 3 hours and when we got home, he was still bouncing around. With that said, he does live inside, and he doesn't tear our house apart. He is one of the best dogs I have ever had, but they need a lot of exercise. A good shorthair is a tired shorthair.

Thanks for the info. ill go check them out and see what they look like and ask some questions.

heres the add for them if you want to look at a couple of the pups.  let me know what you think of them.


3 years old seems to be a magical age with GSP's.  I have trained a couple and they were extremely high strung, but great dogs. They o calm down and are very loving and good with kids.


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