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Well I found some time to work up some new arrows.This is how I build my arrows. Sometimes you can save a few bucks on doing this yourself. I like to do all my own stuff because I am very picky on my own gear :chuckle: Here is some pictures that might help you with your own build. As always build your own stuff at your own risk  :tup:

I am using some new stuff on this build. The uni nock adapters and nocks by muzzy. Most times I just use simple glue on nocks. I had a arrow with a busted nock so I also did that one the other way to show how they look.

Pic 1: First we start with the blanks. I like colored arrows the best orange and yellow work best. These are just solid fiberglass arrows. I like to take a coarse sand paper and ruff up both ends of the arrows so that the epoxy sticks better. The blanks are very slick and you get a better bond this way.

Pic 2: Some of the supplies we will be using on this build. Ams safety slides "on all my arrows" 2 diffrent points same brand, one setup is 2 barb and the other 3 barb grapples. Uni nock adapters and nocks.

Pic 3: The epoxy I use which has always worked great for me.

Pic 4: The 2 diffrent types of nocks used on bowfishing arrows.

First you need to mix up a small batch of epoxy to mount the nock and addpaters.  Apply epoxy on the inside of the adapters and the push on nock. When installing the push on nock it is important that the nocks grove is lined up with the hole for the safety slide. If not the safety slide will not work on that arrow and hit the rest when you shoot. The uni nock adapter does not matter because you can twist the nock to match up with the slide stopper.
Pic 5: Uni nock adapters installed and glue on nock installed.

Next install the ams safety slide stops. You will need a Phillips Head screw driver to do this. combine the 2 parts of the safety stop and then thread screw into the stop. Then screw the stop into the arrow,screw it down all the way! The longer slide of the stop goes in from toward the point.
Pic 6: Safety slide stops installed.

Next you will need to add the slides, make sure they are facing the right direction. You will not be able to put these on after the points and nock adapters and stops are installed.
Pic 7: Slides on the arrow facing the right way.

What I like to do is add epoxy to the hole that has the screw threw it. This helps keep the screw from backing out. Also a small bead around the base of the nock or adapters always helps strength them.
Pic 8: Epoxy added to the holes and the base of the nock or adapters.

Next comes the big part. Adding the points. You do not want to skip on the amount of epoxy. Make a good sized batch and work on only 1-2 arrows at a time. Put the epoxy on the inside of the point then slide it onto the arrow. Twist it a few times to even out the epoxy. You will want to then place the arrow point down on the floor and press and hold the arrow down. This will make sure the arrow point is seated all the way to the bottom and bonds there. Wait a min or two and do your next arrow.
Pic 9: Points installed- I also like to add a small bead around the base of the point. This is done later after the points have bonded with the arrow shaft.

Then after a few hours of setting up they are good to go. I like to let them setup 1-2 days because like I said I am picky :chuckle:

I also wait to push the nocks into the adapters until after they are dry because if there is any epoxy not setup yet then your replaceable nock just became a permanent nock :chuckle:

Hope this might help some :tup: Good shooting carpsniperg2 :tup:

Also as always feel free to ask me any questions you might have on this subject or any others! Always glad to help :tup:

Unlocked and feel free to post :tup:

beautiful man ...  :tup:


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