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Build Your Own Bowfishing Arrows

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Hello,  first post to this site.  Name is Gary.  Moving to Seattle area from Mississippi.  Bowhunted past 20 years.  Leaving a wonderful 7000 acre whitetail bow hunting only club on MS River.  Painful!!  Looking for hunting clubs/ opportunities in Washington.  All leads appreciated!  Thanks, Gary

Very nice! Thanks for posting this up...looks like something I'd like to give a try.


--- Quote from: carpsniperg2 on July 14, 2011, 04:46:00 PM ---Then after a few hours of setting up they are good to go. I like to let them setup 1-2 days because like I said I am picky :chuckle:

I also wait to push the nocks into the adapters until after they are dry because if there is any epoxy not setup yet then your replaceable nock just became a permanent nock :chuckle:

Hope this might help some :tup: Good shooting carpsniperg2 :tup:

Also as always feel free to ask me any questions you might have on this subject or any others! Always glad to help :tup:

--- End quote ---
Watch you do not scratch that table ... :yike: :bdid: :tup:

Do you see that table? LOL

Have you changed this set up at all since then? Just getting into building my own arrows, thanks for posting!


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