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Got Sushi? Know any Iron Chefs?!?!

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This knife was an experiment that turned out kinda good!

I'm experimenting with cold grinding industrial planer blades into knives. I used this knife to build and perfect a water bath 10" bench type grinder to do it on. It (finally) works really well! The steel is M2 High Speed Steel (HSS). Superior quality steel (very difficult to work) and it never got hot, so it's got the temper and hardness it had right off the planer.

I saw this blade style on a 'how it's made' kind of TV documentary. It's a Japanese Sushi knife. Only ground on one side. It's a full hollow grind, both the running edge and the tip, and it's wicked sharp! I was slicing a grape with it today, got several c. 1/64th slices off it. Amazing!

OAL is 11 1/2", Blade is 6 1/2", and the blade is 1 1/4" deep.

The grip is Australian Red Morrell Burl. Poly stabilized. Pinned with silver nickle. (Painstakingly bored with a freshly sharpened carbide bit!)

This knife isn't perfect, but it's really really close and it's an AWESOME performing kitchen knife!

Here's some pics...






Ok, here's how I want to run this thing... It's a reserve, sealed bid auction. You can post, PM, or e-mail offers all this week.

All offers considered. If you like it, or know someone you'd like to give it to, please go ahead and make ANY OFFER that you're comfortable with. PM or e-mail for privacy. I have a low limit in mind, but go ahead, because you just NEVER KNOW!

On Friday the 27th, at 5PM Pacific Time, if the highest offer is high enough, I'll sell it to you, delivered. (No sheath, wrapped up and mailed. It's a kitchen knife.)

If the highest offer isn't high enough, then I'm going to use it as a gift to a culinary friend.

Thanks Guys!

WOW Steve that is a sweet looking knife, I am impressed that those junky old planer blades could be so beautiful after you get your hands on them, BTW I'll have some more of them for you soon !!

Nice work !!

Sweet knife! No idea what one costs though. Too bad my birthday was two weeks ago. I'll trade you for my Henckel five star Santoku!  :chuckle: :chuckle: JK. That is a cool knife, great job.

Thanks guys,

Hey, send me an offer based on what it's worth TO YOU. Don't worry about "what it's worth." That's not important.

What you'd be happy to pay for it is what I want to hear. Feel free to PM an offer, I won't be offended!

All I'm going to post publically is if'n the knife has been sold or retained, and the only offer I'll write back to is the one I accept. Easy Wheezy!

I got out the carbide dremel and this knife now has a maker's mark (my ST mark) and the number 7 on it. (The 7th blade I've ground.)

I've recieved 2 bids as of Wednesday Morning.


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