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Wyoming mulie tag!

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Drew my Wyoming mulie tag! Now I'll be hunting in Washington and Wyoming... Cool.  :) Got a dandy 6x6 elk in Wyoming in 2000, but haven't been drawn for anything there since. Looking forward to both hunts. Will be hunting Wyoming in November, after I've had my shot at a mulie buck here in October... Pretty excited about it!

Regards, Guy

I just bought a point this year.

congrats guy...looking forward to everybody's '07 season stories and pics.
pics...did i mention PICTURES???

Points only for me in WY this year, best of luck and take lots of pictures.

Right on....Congrats!  This is the first time in a couple years I will not be going back to WY.....MT this year instead.  I'm sure I'll miss it.

Where abouts are you going over there?


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