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Some of you guys who have pieces on order from me are going to have to put up with some experimenting on your leather! (Even if you ordered a base model sheath - - usually Kydex - - I'll probably build a leather sheath.) I've decided it's time to UP my leather game a little bit here.

Here's one I practiced a little on, just to show a finished to-order knife to the new owner...





The impression on the leather is two leaves off the Tulip Tree, which is where the wood came from! It's also scaled around and through the stitching.

It's a presentation knife specially built for a member of the fairer sex, on the occasion of her first big game hunt. The buyer has a track record of doing pre-meditated thoughtful things for people! (Why can't I remember to do stuff like that!?!?!)

It's a handmade, Provision Forge, ATS34 Stainless blade, nickle bolsters and pins, and a stainless mosaic. Tulipwood scales, stabilized in CA glue under 25 microns of vacuum. Trimmed with red carbon spacers.

The pink is darker than I planned, but the knife came out as close to perfect as I've done! I think it's just right... Feminine, but not Girly!

Thanks Guys!

WOW !! Another fine specimen indeed !!   :tup:

Nice work!  Thats a sweet looking knife!

Good looking knife, nice work.

Let me know when you can do a Morel. Ill send my sheath back....Lol

You should have posted a pic of my "branded sheath". Awesome shape, color, fit and function.

Its a awesome experience working with Steve. Cant wait to do a BIG knife!!!!


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