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I was thinking this morning as I sit in this big duck blind by myself that we should have an open seat tread here in the waterfowl section.  I have seen a few post of guys looking for partners so I thought we could keep it all under 1 thread.  Maybe make this a sticky tread to keep in on the top of the page. :dunno:

Ill start things off.  I'm at the headquarters site in skagit right now and I have an empty seat next to me.  If you can make it in an hour or so you're more than welcome.  Just shoot me a pm.  I got decs and everything set up.   All you need is waders, shells and probably a gun.

Great idea

Great idea. I wish I had checked the forum earlier. I woulda totally come out to meet ya. You should have one of the moderators sticky this thread.

Well, I have access to the boat just need a rig to pull it. I am off on Wednesday and in Otis Orchards if there is anyone that has a tow rig and more experience than me, preferably with a dog. Like I said before I am green in the bird hunting ways.


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