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The current Cabinet Inventory! Holiday SALE Prices!!!!

RainShadow's Game Calls & Custom Knives...

I'll list these and give any information under each picture...

Current Inventory of enclosed reed distress calls for sale. (Can voice to suit, just make your request at purchase.)

From Left to Right...

1.) SOLD Bog Oak & Quartersawn Cocobolo. $15 SOLD

2.) SOLD Flame Maple $8 SOLD

3.) SOLD Brown Mallee Burl Echo Chamber $12 SOLD

4.) SOLD Moose Antler, Cocobolo, Lignum Vite $13 SOLD

5.) SOLD Cocobolo Acrylic $10 SOLD

6.) SOLD Flame Maple $8 SOLD

Open reed distress/pup howlers.

All Deft Stabilized (under extreme vacuum) Pecan Wood with production KO toneboards.

ok,ok,ok.... $8 each!!!

6, and 7 are my own production toneboards. If you want to build a call for yourself, you can buy a board from me to voice it. These boards a L-O-U-D!!!  3/4" (od) exhaust insert, and fully tapered air channel. Absolutely RIPPING loud boards, and can be voiced to howl, do distress, or handle both! I had these made off one of my own handmade boards, and use them for my own calls, but I have several (of the white) boards for sale.

Unvoiced with Cork, Band, and Reed Material = $4 each.

Voiced and tuned, your choice: single howler reed, single multi-purpose reed, or double distress reed = $7.50


Stainless Wharncliff Scalpel in Flame Maple and Nickle. I think I had this at 90, I had one guy on it, but he's been silent for awhile, so.... Let's go $75 and see if anyone wants it! (Leather Pack sheath.) SOLD


Brown Mallee Burl and Black Walnut Whitetail Grunt Tube. Let's go $20 on this one. SOLD


Indian Water Buffalo and Red Morrell Burl Mini-Howler, with one of my molded L-O-U-D boards installed with a single howler reed. $30 (This is the first call I've built with the molded L-O-U-D board installed. AWESOME sound!) SOLD


Super Slim Mini-Puukko. Let me show you a side view....

This is a skinny knife! I designed it for concealed carry, but it's just really small for self defense. (Thin and sharp, the bad guy wouldn't know he was being slashed to ribbons until he ran out of blood and passed out!) It's a neat little knife, but I'll throw it down here for $50 sheathed to order. (It's 6 1/4 overall. Finnish Lauri blued carbon blade.) SOLD


Turned Moose Antler. Handmade toneboard. Beautiful voice!

This one is 2 pieces of Moose antler, tenon fitted and laminated into one. Then turned. Hand made toneboard, with a beautiful sweet voice!  SOLD

Bison horn, Osage orange, Black Micarta, and a handmade delrin toneboard. Finished out high gloss an beautiful. Sweet, smooth, loud voice. $40 Sale price for this one.

All orders add a flat $3 for shipping, one item or all of them, I'll get the remainder of the postage and packaging. Paypal or snailmail.

Thanks Guys! Happy 4th!!!

PM sent  ;)

Gotcha CWB...

Mind the "SOLD" 's up there!

Couple more marked "SOLD." Thanks Guys!

Couple more sold, deleted sour grapes, reduced the Buff to make it go away....


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