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I got my most recent bobcat sealed yesterday.  I am looking at doing a full mount on him for practice.  He, or I guess I should say she isn't that big and not that pretty, but would be fun to practice on.  I'm thinking of the leaping in the air with a chukar right at its outstretched paw, and maybe another chukar flying up from underneath.

I will post a pic of one leaping for a pheasant.  I will try to take the picture tonight and put it up. 

Here you go bone.  This is at the bow shop i go to.  He just got his taxidermy license this year.  My dad shot the bobcat but i dont know who got the pheasant.

Thanks for the pic!   Thats just about what I am after.  I have a 55 gallon oak stand, but don't have that aquarium anymore.  I was going to mount him in just about that pose, except a chukar right at his paw, belly towards the front flaring to get away, and maybe another out in front or underneath flying like the pheasant.  Cool Mount.  Any other pictures out there.

In my opinion cats are the hardest animal to taxi. You see very few that look alive or realistic but when you do they are some of the sweetest mounts to have. Lets see some pics when your done, Bone.


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