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Bobcat mounts

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I agree with you.  I have seen some real cheesey mounts from some real good taxidermists.  It should be fun to try.

One thing I noticed on cats is that sometimes a live pic can look almost as goofy as a bad mount. Maybe the taxi's aren't that bad afterall?

I always wanted one jumping at a grouse, but after watching the bobcat watching me this weekend I think I might have one sitting and watching.

That cat of yours would have made an excellent mount.  Though he might have made a pretty good rug too!  You were about a month late on that one.

It might have "blown up" as I was shooting a .270 w/ 150 gr. Probably a small hole in the chest and a massive one through the back.

Yep, almost exactly a month too late.

You might think about switching to Barnes TSX bullets for those times when you're bear hunting and get a chance at a cat. I'd bet on a bobcat the TSX wouldn't even open up. I shoot 140's out of my 270.

Of course that's what I shot that one bear with, the one that I never found until a week later. (because I thought I missed)  :'(


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