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Antler buyers.

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i bought the 64 pound's from dick stewart he is my buyer, he is out for several month's . Rick

I've got about 140 lbs of elk antler, a few raghorns, but most six-point or better from average-sized bulls.  I'm moving to a smaller place and I can't store them for very long.  I never thought I would ever sell them, but never say never I guess.  Thanks for the info.

Just to add:  I live in Snohomish county.

Well......at $20 a pound, that isn't bad.  Plus I know you ave a few that would fetch one hell of a price off of e-bay.

i'm interested in the raghorn's. how much a pound. i pay 12.00 a pound  at Dick stewart when i buy WHole Rack's. smaller i think. Rick


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