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NEW RULE for Waterfowl Board


NEW RULE for Waterfowl Board

Myself and the other mods are tired of the arguments with some of the waterfowlers that has been carried onto this forum from another forum. I am normally more diplomatic, but that doesn't seem to resonate with you guys. I am going to keep this simple, any posts we see from a waterfowler that are made to dig another waterfowler member will result in a 30 day ban. Don't bother replying back about this and trying to argue over who's guilty, you are all guilty who have been prodding each other. This is not open to discussion, it's the new policy on the waterfowl board. You prod another member, you get 30 days, then 1 year the next time, and a permanent ban on the third time, no exceptions.

Take your arguments somewhere else, we are done with them here.
Regards, Dale

This same rule applies to PM's sent from one member to another member. If you recieve a PM from another member that is threatening or prodding you, please copy it and send it in a PM to bearpaw or another moderator or admin.

It has been decided that three 30 day bans are being issued today so I suggest the rest of you take notice that we are serious about this rule.



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