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I was discussing this with Happy Gilmore this morning over coffee give us your thoughts.

We were thinking of putting on a show off your dog day for Hunt-WA members.  It would be a great way for new dog owners wanting to learn about training their dog.  Also for those who are thinking about getting a dog but not sure what breed they want, come watch the breeds work. Owners who might have a little hiccup they want to fix, a way to swap lies about hunting and possible meeting of new hunting partners.  Or for those who just want to show off their dog working.

First and foremost this would not be a competition.   We would ask that all egos be left at the front gate.  It is just about watching dogs work in the field.  We would have fields set up for Retrievers, Flushers and Pointers.  We would have some of the top NW local trainers here to watch and answer any questions one might have about their dog and training methods.   And get a chance to watch some of the top N.W. dogs doing what they do best.

The thought would be to do 3 of these this Spring and Summer.  Come get your dog evaluated, go home with some ideas to put into your training regime and come back later and do it all over again.  The cost would just be your travel and price of birds.  We would be using Pigeons, Quail, Chucker, Pheasant and Mallards.  Current pricing is $5.00, $8.00, $10.00,$15.00 and $15.00 respectively.   All shooting would be done by designated shooters for safety reasons.

Thinking out loud the first one would be sometime in April in S.W. Washington around the Chehalis area.  The Second one in June in the Fall City area, Then one in August in the Bellingham area. 

So please give us your thoughts and ideas. 


Happy Gilmore:
I take it my coffee hasn't worn off yet Richard.....That was fast! LOL...

I like

A :yike:fter four cups of your coffee I'm hoping  I can sleep tonight.  :yike: BUZZZZZZZZZZ.
I would not want it any other way.  The coffee that is.

Sounds like a meet and greet  :tup:

I hope Happy isn't portraying him self as one of those expert trainers  :chuckle: :chuckle: :chuckle: :chuckle: :chuckle:
 :sas: :sas: :sas: :sas: :sas: :sas: :sas: :sas:

I would have no problem helping out, been in the blind enough at field trials over the last couple of years and will back in the blind this year again   :hunt2:


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