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Hunt-WA Bird Dog Day.

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Happy Gilmore:
Have a great day you guys. Sorry I can't make it, really wanted to get down there..

Great day at Tuxedo Kennel, wide variety of bird dogs working the field - viszla, english pointer, Italian Spinone, boykin spaniel, black lab, brittany, and an english setter who did his own thing. The sun even came out in the afternoon. Richard puts on a good event.

Richard, thanks for hosting such a fun day. it was a real pleasure watching someone as you working with the dogs. you obviously know what you're doing. great to meet other people that enjoy working with dogs. hopefully we can get together again before i go north.thanks again !!! geoff

pens fan:
Had an absolute blast. Mace hit the woods running right out of the truck when ee got home. Thanks for all the work and time with Bogy. great people,greater dogs,even greater time! 

Just want to re interate what everyone else said,  Saturday was a blast.  Pens-fan
thanks for bring Mace and Boogy,  I have a soft spot for the Boykins.   You have my up most respect for getting Boogy back, stick with him he's going to be one heck of a dog.  Sockeye I'll just say is if Raven ever ends up missing don't look for her down here  :chuckle: :chuckle: :chuckle:.  I'll take real good care of her...O- wait she's not here.    Willjohn what can be said about Miss Sadie you know what you've got there, I would say after this hunting season your  hunting partners will be switching to Brittany's vs their GSP's after they watch her doing her thing.

Thanks again to all that came down.  I look forward to doing this again on a larger scale this summer to meet more Bird Dogs and of course more Hunt-Wa members.



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