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Hunt-WA Bird Dog Day.

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I just found this thread and would be very interested in attending something like this. Ive got a 4 month old lab with a pointing blood line and could really use some tips and on training along with seeing how other people are doing it. Hopefully something gets planned for this summer. The Fall city location would be best for me.

Sounds like a fun time I would be in for at least Chehalis. Just realized this has already happened but if you do it next year could count me in.


Is there another one of these going on soon?


--- Quote from: ttown on September 25, 2012, 06:59:10 AM ---Is there another one of these going on soon?

--- End quote ---
Any thoughts of doing any during the spring/summer of 2014?

I'd definitely love to come if another one of these was done!

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