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Skokomish River king slaughter

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Shadow Cat:
I used to fish the Skokomish river quite a bit. There was always compitition between the tribe and regular fishermen in the river. Last year I went down to the bridge by Hunter farms and saw the nets. I could deal with that because some fish were still getting by. What I could NOT deal with was when I went to the other side of the bridge and looked over and saw a few HUNDRED (NO EXAGERATION) of dead kings up on the bank that had been gutted for the eggs. I talked to a WDF officer about it and was told nothing could be done about it and that the eggs were worth more than the meat! I don't EVER want to hear another word about a buffalo killed and left on a prarie over a hundred years ago! >:( :bash:

that sucks huge...back in new york when fishing the lake ontario trib. salmon runs, we used to sell the eggs of the hen kings we'd catch. now mind you, we also took fillets home. the $$ we made off the eggs would pay round trip gas money for a 4 hour drive one way if thats any indication of what they are worth.
blame it on pautzke's :chuckle:

check this out.

Damnit...........I have nothing good to say about them wasteful sons of bitches. Nothing will change. This state is run by a bunch of bitches. WDFW will never do anything. Too many higher ups are in the pockets of these damn induns. They will wipe out a major fishery and move on. They will find some other species to exploit and destroy....all for the sake of money. I guess casinos ain't enough for them greedy *censored*s. I feel a hell of alot better knowing we wiped out there buffalo.....*censored*s

Shadow Cat:
Thanks for the link. I worked for the US Fish & Wildlife Service in Lacey, WA up until July 7th and know that they are eyeball deep in FOIA request involving Indian litigation of one sort or another. Things are getting to tied up in red tape and nothing is being done in the mean time.

The state is afraid of hurting peoples feelings....thats what you get when dummycrats are in charge.....with the help of bleeding heart liberal judges. Something has to be done.  They should have to abide by the same rules as we do.....reservation or not.


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