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Gamblin Guy:
My son, 11, and my neighbor's son, 8 and just past his hunter safety, drew antlerless tags for Chewuch this year.  My son drew a Perrygin antlerless last year but with the Tripod fire we didn't even bother going.  Any one care to share a starting point for a couple of nice whitetail does in that area, we are camping at Perrygin next weekend so I'll be doing some driving around but am looking for a place to start.  I know they are plentyful over there but I haven't spent much time in that area and want to make sure we can get away from the private ground.


The whitetails will be down lower in the unit closer to the river but up in the unit lots of roads. Up there you would probably run into a nice mule deer doe. Have a bear tag with you I have seen a couple last year when I drove through before the season.


Hunt first creek. I guarantee you will see deer every single day.

I've hunted that unit with archery for about 10 years. The whitetails have been getting thick there the last few years. No doubt you will see deer all over but not a lot of big bucks. But that works great for an antlerless tag. I've seen whitetail up high and down low. Most of them have been right along the river. You should have no problem filling those tags. Good for you for taking young ones out hunting. Good luck!!

I've seen a bunch of whitetails next to the eightmile ranch or forest service compound on eightmile.  There are several fields there that they graze their mules on and I have recently seen a bunch of whities hanging out there.  I assume thats public land as its forest service.  Worth checking out.


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