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Bowfishing Tournament -This weekend April 22nd- Potholes Reservoir

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The Washington Bowfishing Association will be hosting its "Season Starter" this upcoming weekend (Saturday April 22nd) at Potholes Reservoir. If you enjoy bowfishing and want to see some of the latest gear and cool boats, this is the place. Entry is $30 per shooter. Information can be found on the Washington Bowfishing Association website under 2017 events.

Hope to see you all there.

How was it?

Weather was good for the first half and the last hour. Our team had a pretty big lul for a couple hours, not sure how it went for everyone else. Pretty good turnout of people and fish.

42 teams showed up for the event, which is AWESOME!!!!! It was a good year of shooting. Fish seamed to be bigger this year compared to previous years. Big fish was 21+. 3 teams turned in fish 19lbs and higher. Most fish shot was 33.
Overall a great event. Next WBA event is the Washington State Bowfishing Championship, also held at Potholes.

Can you give any tips for a beginner? Shot my first carp in years the other day after wwok but really wanna take my little boat to potholes. I have a 14.5 sears gamefisher with a little shooting platform on the bow. Dont really know where to head at osullivan tho... Are the reeds a good place to start during the day?


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