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Help on tanning a moose hide please?

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hey guys i got my very first moose on thursday and my dad and i are trying to figure out how we can tan it because all we want to do with it is keep the hide as basically a souvenir and not all the way taxidermied? so anyone that has any ideas how to help please?

Are you wanting to do it yourself or send it out?

im hoping to try doing it myself so that i can get to know how to do it so that ill have some experience. Plus i figure what better time to learn than young so later if i get a really big animal though a moose isnt that small.


If you want to learn to tan I would suggest starting with a deer hide first or a small mammal.  Moose hides are very thick and need to be thinned down between the pickle and the tan.  If you don't your hide will be very stiff and hard to break or (make pliable).  You can keep the moose hide in the freezer until you have had a little practice. 

Their is no in-between when it come to preserving a hide.  It has to be tanned. 

I sent you a PM!

thanks for the info ill do that then well my moose hide has a few cuts and tears in it because we had got it at like 5:40 and ended up still cleaning it at 8 so we were trying to hurry so we didnt get locked in so im gonna have to cut some of the hide off even though it will be smaller thats still fine to do some practice on right?


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