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Lake Ozette to sand Point

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My oldest daughter and I went out to Sand point For a backpacking trip for a few days on the point. We left the trailhead just after first light Thanksgiving morning and were out at the campground in about 1.5 hours. The hike out to the beach was very windy and we had a bunch of rain. We were the only ones out so we picked out our spot and set up camp in about an hour. Because of the heavy rain we did not take many pictures the first day. We set out to check out the area until the tide went out and found a small buck following a doe and a fawn. The two does would just lay down on the beach and the buck would sniff at her and feed near by. We hiked up to the top of the Sand Point and at high tide saw many shore birds and 4 Sea Otters eating. That night the rain was very heavy on the tarp and the wind tore out the grommets so we had to fix them. Even with the loud wind and rain it was nice to hear it and the pounding surf all night. The weather Friday was very good to us.

The next day we hiked around the point waiting for the afternoon tide to go out so we could hike down to Yellow banks before dark. While on the point we saw that small buck and later we saw a average sized black bear walking the beach north of the point. I took many pictures of the shore birds and could not get ONE good picture. The weather was very nice for late November and when the tide started going out we headed south and got to Yellow banks just at dark. The sunset was awesome. We had to hike back to camp with headlamps and because of the minus tide we got to check out some cool tide pools in the dark. We had a great time looking at all of the pools looking at the crabs and small shrimp with the small sculpin.

Saturday we hiked around camp before high tide and got some pictures of tide pools and some so-so pictures of shore birds. When we were on the point we saw a sow black bear with 2 cubs working the fresh kelp that got washed up from the incoming tide. They did not care that we were in the area and we were fine with just watching them eat on the beach 150 yards away. The morning rain stopped and we broke camp and got back to the trailhead dry. It was a good trip as always. :tup:

We hiked down there 30 years ago. I took my backpack off and leaned it against a tree and in 5 seconds a raccoon had it open with my Starburst candies half eaten.

Love that winter surf! As long as camp is plenty high above it.


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