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Who has pet insurance on their dogs?  Any good and or bad recommendations of who to go with or who to stay away from?
We have a 4 year old lab, who has been very healthy except for the occasional issues.
Last winter we had a really bad case of pneumonia which lead to emergency overnight hospitalization, and it wasn't cheap.  Anyways, shes very active and still quite a pup, so looking for the long term now.
Any recommendations appreciated.

We have pet insurance on our 2 dogs, a lab and a Greater Swiss. The swissy is about the clumsiest dog alive and has been to the vet twice in the last year so the insurance has worked well for her. The last visit, the *censored* ate a sock and got stuck in her intestines, the bill was $2k and we paid $200. Never had a problem with the lab. It's $45 per dog per month with Nationwide.

My daughter is a vet tech and they recommend Nationwide because of their coverage and ease to work with. We decided to get the insurance because of some of the high vet bill horror stories we have heard. Might never use the insurance with the lab, but I think the insurance company is going to loose money on the dumb swissy..  :chuckle:

Buck Rub Jr:
We just canceled ours through nationwide on our 2 dogs. Our lab had a bad reaction to his shots once when he was a puppy when he wasn’t covered yet so nationwide basically won’t cover anything for him that is real are to his stomach in any way now saying the it stems from those shots from when he was a puppy. They gave us $25 last time out of the $450

We are looking right now to...

We've spent 5k on er visits the last 6 months between our two dogs ..we figure once we get insurance the dog issues will stop  :chuckle:

Don't use nationwide,my dog got a cut on the 3rd eyelid,developed  infection then glaucoma as a result. Not covered,until I had insurance for a year. WHAT? Cost me a lot of money


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