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Author Topic: Lady Killers  (Read 925 times)

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Lady Killers
« on: August 11, 2008, 06:33:54 PM »
So it's three weeks until grouse and archery deer hunting seasons and the girls are racking up more kills than I am.  My wife decided to go deer hunting on Highway 97 just North of Omak on Saturday night and took a perfect headshot on a young buck.  She even managed to have someone tenderize it for us by rolling it under their car.  Unfortunately, she didn't read the regs on Mule deer and there is a three point minimum in that area.  This being just a fork-horn, we had to stash the evidence on the side of the road and beat it out of there.  Thankfully we had the Dodge truck and not the Volkswagen or we would have been wearing the beast in our laps.
Yesterday, Lilly and I were walking on a hillside while checking the game cam and looking at tree stand positions.  About 5 yards from the tree I was heading for, a group of about 10 ruffed grouse exploded brush around the base.  One was just a little too slow getting up and Lilly brought it back to me.  I tried to toss it into flight to get it on its way but the stunned bird fluttered to the ground.  She brought it back to me again.  Somehow I think that the process she uses to pin live birds to the ground with her feet is a little rough on them.  I propped the bird in a branch and dragged Lilly to the game cam about 100 yards away.  I saw the bird fall off the branch as we were leaving.  As soon as my attention was on the game cam she was gone.  Next time I saw her there was a very dead grouse in her mouth.  All of this took place within 50 yards from our trailer, so as we were packing to leave, she was up the hill chasing grouse from tree to tree.  I think she's ready to go.
I, however, have to wait 20 more days.


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