Author Topic: Still no yotes. . .eeerrgh!!!  (Read 620 times)

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Still no yotes. . .eeerrgh!!!
« on: January 30, 2009, 10:24:21 AM »
Went out to the ladies house who "was" having problems with coyotes killing her ducks, chickens, geese, etc. . .

. . .got in nice and early. . .got into a decent set-up with a brushy stump behind me on a gentle slope so that I could kinda recline real comfy like. . .I was looking at about a 250 yard clearing with an access trail that I found fresh scat on the last weekend. . .I started out with a long single howl. . .waited about 5 minutes and started up with a set of rabbit distress cries. . .wail for about 30 seconds. . .wait for about 2 minutes and then wail for another 30 seconds. . .alternating between a closed reed call and an open reed call hoping it would be more realistic. . .

. . .anyway a jay started making a racket and when I howled the first time every dog (not coyote) in the county would start barking and wouldn't stop for about 5 minutes. . .so I kinda figured I was seriously busted. . .but I figured I stick around for a little longer because I didn't have enough time to go somewhere else. . .so another howl. . .more barking. . .another set of rabbit distress and here come the crows. . .started out with like 2 crows and a raven. . .but I slipped out my crow call and I started making the "come and get it" call. . .well that brought about 30 crows down on me. . .they would fly around cawing land on a tree look around and when they decided it was a false alarm and would start to fly away I would make the "feeding time" call again. . .man they would immediately wheel and come right back and fly right over me and land again. . .I did this for about another ten minutes figuring that I wasn't gonna get any coyotes but that I could at least practice crow calls. . .once I got bored with that I put the rifle down and switched to the shotgun and got a crow. . .

. . .so at least I didn't leave with no luck whatsoever. . .


Yotes-a LOT!!!

I won't get a chance to do any yote hunting this weekend but I'm gonna try a different spot next weekend.

Good Luck to the rest of you!!!

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