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Turkey hunting weekend
« on: May 08, 2017, 12:20:20 PM »
H2O great write got me to thinking I should write up my experience, not on a guided hunt, a couple weeks ago.  It started out with helping my buddy move from the Ravensdale area to north of Kettle Falls.  He asked me to haul his travel trailer over.  I got it all hooked up on Saturday and took off with the wife and turkey gear in the truck.  Plans were to hunt on Sunday on his property.  On the way there spotted lots of turkey and deer.  Finally got to my buddies property and set up his trailer for them when they show up so they got a place to rack out.  They all got a late start so weren't going to be there until well after mid night.  Head back to Kettle Falls to our room at a motel to get up early and get out there.  Headed down the road window down and gobble gobble.  Hit the breaks and of course have my mouth call on me.  Couple yelps and boom he comes back.  Needless to say drove off his driveway which is really a little better then a skidder trail.  He is about 100 yards off.  Bail out of the truck load up the shot gun and only go out 10-20'.  5' high pines between me a tom.  Set up again and small pine with a rock.  Yelp boom gobble.  Daylight is winding down so try a couple cuts and man he gets after me.  Gobbles about 5 times in a row but he never comes to find me.  He had his hens headed to their roost.  Good to know for the morning.  Get to the motel off load equipment and text my buddy to tell him trailer is setup for them.  Get up at around 3.  Was excited first time to get my wife out for her very first ever hunt so didn't sleep much.  Grab my phone see if I got any texts from my buddy.  Yup very sad new though.  One of his dogs had died on the trip over.  So out of respect we don't head up to his property.  I decide to head to another place that I was at last year.  2 roads into the area.  I decide I the one I didn't take last year.  heading up and come up on some hunters walking down the road no guns and no turkeys.  I stop and ask hows it going.  It was a son and dad and the dad says I can tell you where there are no turkeys and I can tell you that there is a huge mud hole in the middle of the road up the road.  They are stuck.  Ford Explorer buried up to the bottom of his doors.  Guess what I decided to buy a tow strap a couple months back so I hook up and the might Ram doesn't even grunt.  The gentleman wants to give me money and I refuse.  I told him hunting karma.  Pay it forward.  I make sure they are good to go and head down the road to the other entrance.  It is gated shut still.  :bash: not working for me this morning.  Saw some birds and of course all private property.  9 am so I decide to head back to my buddies property.  Get up to his property and the moving crew is working along.  One U-haul though is stuck.  I am the only one with a truck that might be able to help.  So I head out in the woods and get the blind and decoys setup for my wife.  Give her some ideas and a slate call.  There is a tom out there talking.  I head back and work on getting the U-Haul out.  That proved to bit a little bigger chore.  Had a car on a trailer on the U-Haul.  So off loaded the car, then the trailer then pulled out the uhaul 2 hours later I meet up with the wife and get in the blind and see what we can get.  Had a tom talking but I think with all the commotion and people talking and yelling they were being shy.  Sat for a couple hours.  Teaching the wife calls and stuff.  My buddy hasn't made it back to his property yet and was bringing is dog back to bury on the property  :'(.  Finally here from him and is headed this way.  So the wife and I find a perfect spot for the burial.  Head back to his house and meet up.  BBQ steak bake potatoes and the movers we done.  So get the U-hauls all turned around and get the car trailers hooked back up so they can get out and turn them in.  Got another one stuck.  Mighty Ram to the rescue.  My truck go a look out.  I got a chance to show him and his wife the spot we picked out of the dog and they loved it.  Got back to get the movers on their way.  Wife and I decided to go load up our blind and decoys since the burial site was near by.  Head up a skidder trail.  Round and hill and boom jump 4 birds.  They are trucking away from us.  Hey I have my mouth call, put the truck in park and let out a couple yelps.  They stop dead and turn.  They are on my side of the truck.  I get them to turn back to me.  I try to slide out of the truck and tell the wife to slowly get out of her side and get her gun ready.  I keep calling and one hen works to about 20' from me.  I am looking for the beard and don't see a one of any of the birds.  Wife has the gun loaded but couldn't rack a round.  Forgot to push the slide lock.  I just watched them while they kept a eye on me.  Not one peep out of them.  They just fed and crossed behind us about 40 yards.  Jumping turkeys in a truck really isn't ideal but it gets your heart beating.  We got everything picked up and of course toms gobbling around us  :chuckle: :chuckle:.  I decided that my buddy need to handle his dog.  I get them situated and we lay his dog to rest.  Needless to say heart breaking.  I got to play with the dog since he was a puppy.   Needless to say I always have some fun and very interesting adventures when I go out hunting.  I got another chance or 2 to get my wife on a bird before the end of the season.
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