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Author Topic: Beware of Great Prices on Ebay! Lots of Counterfeit Scopes coming out of China.  (Read 1430 times)

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I'm a Leupold Nut back from the 70's and enjoy just about every scope they put out there.  I've carried them on hunting trips and with great confidence in my patrol car.  So, as you can imagine it burns my biscuits to see these sellers peddling made in China counterfeit crap, and having Ebay's blessing to do so!!

I took the time 1hour, 15 minutes to call and talk to a real English speaking Ebay Representative last month to make them aware of the problem and was left feeling absolutely disgusted with them.  From Ebay's point of view, they could care less if counterfeit goods are sold on their website so long as when the customer complains the counterfeit seller sends them their money back.  If not, then Ebay will step in and give you your credit back.

I also in this quest of mine, called Leupold just to make sure that what I was looking at was not real.  Boy did I get a ear full!  Seems Leupold has been in constant contact with Ebay trying to get them to not allow these sellers to peddle counterfeit scopes only to be told "Ebay is not in the position to determine authenticity of Leupold products".  Leupold is now in the position of having to tell all these buyers Sorry, but what they have is not a real Leupold, and it's junk.  Only the Chinese seller comes out ahead.

So, here's just a thought.  If you would like to stand up for one of the very few Made in America scope companies check out these sellers and their crap goods and spread the word that Ebay is in the Counterfeit Scope business.  Let's all do our part to help prevent our fellow shooters from getting screwed over by China and Ebay.

See these links for examples. The real key here is they are shipped out of China or Taiwan and a fraction of the price of a Leupold.  Also, in some cases you can look up the part number and it will take you to a completely different Leupold Optic that is real, but not matching the picture of what they are selling.

Thanks for the read.

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There is a thread on archery talk about the same thing with bows.
To good to be true buy it now prices from a chinese based seller. Looks to be one guy or group with multiple accounts.
Buyer beware when shopping ebay.
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Ehh I dunno, the fakes are pretty easy to spot just based on price.

If I were buying my wife a gift that would normally cost $500 and I find it on eBay brand new for $100 I'm really going to scrutinize it... theres a reason its so cheap!

Think about it, how many fakes have you seen cost what they should cost? I don't think I've ever seen one.

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Maybe if American manufacturers would stop having their products made in China this type of thing wouldn't happen. 
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All the more reason to support Leupold for keeping it in the USA!

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On several of those, a quick scan of the feedback would tell the story.  I also make sure to buy through channels that have a good level of protection, preferably a few.  If you buy through eBay with a credit card, you could go through either or both for resolution.

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I would not be surprised if they knowingly were selling these counterfeit goods and looked the other way, while taking their cut.

I encourage people to file an IPR or FTC complaint to help protect American companies' products, trademarks, and goodwill, which ultimately means American jobs.

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Good for the OP for posting this up. This forum has a lot of young and/or new hunters who may not know what they're looking at. Everyone's looking for a deal nowadays, especially on items that normally cost thousands. Your post is informative. Thanks.


Thanks Goshawk.  Good thread. :tup:
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I know he is. Re-read my post.
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One of the methods they use to confuse buyers is they will include a Leupold Lens Pen, then work the word Leupold inti the title or description to be picked-up by the sesrch function. 

Most can be easily spotted with just a few minutes of research, but to someone not very informed or experienced, would be very easy to make a mistake.

Good job for posting the warning!!
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A friend had a table at a gun show 5-6 years ago and a guy walked in with a Leupold Mark 4 scope to sell. It was like a $1000 scope at the time and he got it for $500. Not an unusual deal at a gun show. You know, a guy needing some quick cash and trying to do better than he would at a pawn shop. Well the friend sells it later and the purchaser discovered that it was a fake and brought it back for a refund. That series of fakes if I recall, all had the same serial number on them  and besides that it was almost impossible to tell if from the real thing. And my friend is not stupid. Although he felt that way after he found out it was a fake.


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