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Re: New F 150 Diesels
« Reply #45 on: January 19, 2018, 02:57:23 PM »
I get better mileage than the numbers posted here, and that’s with a crew cab 2500 Duramax.   I guess I’m not seeing what is so appealing about them?  Maybe a little cheaper than a real diesel, but you can’t tow much and get crappy mileage by the sounds.

I’ve heard a lot of guys go back and trade up to a 3/4 ton after realizing the shortcomings.  This was from a local dealer.  Only exception being the guys that don’t use their trucks for towing and just like having the diesel instead of the Prius they drove around for years.   Lol

The new diesel F150 mpg's?
You're not saying you're getting over 30mpg's with your truck are you?
The other ones we've been talking about are the gas F150 ecoboost for the most part.

Misunderstanding on my part I thought they were giving mpgs for the diesel.  Just saw the title and didn’t pay much attention.

I can average 22 - 25 hwy here in CO.  On the way to work close to 25, on the way home closer to 22.
That's pretty amazing mpg's for a big pickup.

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