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ACTION ALERT (WA): Oppose SB 5992, 6049, 5444, 5463 and 6146
« on: January 15, 2018, 11:55:42 AM »
ACTION ALERT (Washington): Oppose SB 5992, 6049, 5444, 5463 and 6146

The anti-gun legislators are hitting hard and fast with anti-gun bills in Washington State since the Democrats now have control of the House and Senate.  While there are some Democratic legislators that support our Second Amendment rights, it has become very obvious that the Democratic Party, as a whole, at the State and National levels is ANTI-GUN.  If you are registered as a Democrat, please DO NOT vote for legislators that are very willing to take away our rights; this applies to more than just gun rights (i.e. Private property rights).

Please write and/or call your Legislators and the Senate Law and Justice Committee to voice your opposition to Senate Bills: 5992, 6049, 5444, 5463 and 6146.

NRA-ILA TAKE ACTION Link.  Enter your information and it will identify your Governor and State Legislators.  There is a blank field to write your opposition comments for each bill.

Washington: Contact Senate Law & Justice Committee to Oppose Anti-Gun Bills

Washington Senate Law and Justice Committee member email addresses (Copy, paste, and send your message via email).;;;;;;

The subject line can read:
Please Oppose SB 5992, 6049, 5444, 5463 and 6146

This gets the message across to them immediately.

The NRA-ILA webpages have excellent descriptions of the bills and why they are bad. You can use this information to compose your message to oppose all of the bills in a single communication.

See the original write-up here:
Washington: Senate Law & Justice Committee to Hear Anti-Gun Bills Next Monday

SB 5444 and 6463 have substitute bills.  See the additional writ-up here:
Washington: Substitute Versions of Gun Control Bills to Be Heard

Please take a few minutes to protect your rights.

If you would like to read each Bill, click on this link and enter the bill number:
Bill Information
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