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Another Trip to the Rock Pit
« on: January 17, 2018, 06:58:22 PM »
Got or actually made some free time Tuesday so I packed up and headed back to the rock pit...

This trip I wanted to shoot the Lehigh .452x265CF-HP.  I have long said probably the best all-around bullet that I use was the Lehigh/Bloodline .458x275. I really prefer shooting a bullet that is close to bore size so I can reduce the thickness on the sabot carrying the projectile up the bore.  For myself I really believe I get better accuracy with the thinner sabot.

This picture shows the .458-275 just for reference...

This shows the new all Copper Lehigh .452x265CF-HP

The first round of the shoot I shot the 265 to work on the 9 birds on the wall. The 265 worked very well with accuracy being all that I expected. Even on the 2 heart shots that I took.  The 3rd heart shot was a miss-calculation on my part. Instead using the 265 I wanted to go back to my elk bullet.  The Lehigh/Bloodline .458x300 grain.  It shot just a tad lower and I ended hitting the bottom of the bird and blowing the bird up. This bullet is awesome on elk and little - well may a lot to much for deer.

This picture shows round one of the morning shoot.

The second round - I walked another set of birds out to the wall and shot the Lehigh/Bloodline .458x275 grain bullet just for a comparison with the 265...  I was completly satisfied whatever I thought I could do with the 275 the 265 would do also - maybe even a tad better.

Another day of rest and relaxation - just like retirement is suppose to be!
Keep shooting muzzleloaders - They are a blast!!


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