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Another visit - with a different rifle
« on: January 22, 2018, 08:10:26 PM »
I tried to get out and do some shooting Saturday afternoon, but when I got to the Rock Pit it was occupied.  There was a large group of college students doing their thing in the pit.  But, I really have to give them credit, when I got there today to shoot it appears they did a really good job picking up a lot of the debris in the pit and hauling it off.  Do not see this very often!  And you can not believe what some people bring to the pit to shoot and then just leave it there.  Anyway it was really presentable and I for one really appreciated their work.

Today I left town about 10 trying to beat the incoming weather.  When I got to the Rock Pit there had been a skiff of fresh snow in the area - since there were not fresh vehicle tracks, I felt pretty confident that I would have the pit to myself.

Todays adventure was pretty much the same as the last two trips, with a couple of changes... I switched rifles and brought out a Western DISC Extreme.  Since I was shooting a Western rifle I was using a RWS Dynamit Nobel 1075+ caps - I also switched to the old T7 standby...

This is the rifle...

Open sights for here in Idaho

Again I was shooting clay birds off the end wall of the pit but this trip for was going to take a little bit more concentration to make the shots than it is with the scoped rifle.  This rifle is sighted in the same way I sight in a scoped rifle - it shoots right @ 3" high at 100 yards.  It is sighted in for shooting a 300 grain bullet.  That is important to remember because it helps explain my first to shots with the 248 gr. bullet I was trying.  For me the 3" PBR is very helpful with the open sights. @ 100 yards if I were to hold the fiber optic on the bird it would hide the bird completely.  And just so you know the birds are awfully small @ 100 yards and looking through a peep.  Knowing that... my first shot I grabbed a 6 O'clock hold on the bird with the bird appearing to be right on top of the fiber optic. The first shot missed the first bird high and right - I convinced myself the problem was the clean barrel and the first shot.  Loaded up for the second shot - no patching involved - with a cap and T7 there really is know sign of a 'crud ring' - anyway loaded and back on the bench I took the same hold and took the shot - same thing! I missed slightly high but dead on left/right.  At this point then it occurs to me this lighter bullet could easily be higher than the 300 I normally shoot.

Loaded again and this time I put a little air between the fiber optic and the bottom of the bird - that solved the problem - bird gone...  For there it was easy sledding shooting the rest of the targets.

This rifle and load really makes me a better shooter than I really am....  The last shot of the day proved that to me...  Here is a pictorial of todays events...

In the pictorial it is really hard to see the birds on the wall in the top left picture but they are there...

The best shot of the day the rifle made was the last shot.  I finished shooting all the birds on the wall - even picked off a bird laying sideways between the two upper birds.  After that I really wanted to try a more difficult shot - so with the bino's I looked around the wall looking for a small chip that I could try.

The middle left picture shows the chip I found.  I ran the camera up to 16X trying to get a pic of the chip. It was laying in a strip of snow. I put a red circle around the location.  When I found it with the bino's I really did not think I would be able to see it through the peep but I was able to see just a little bit orange.  I estimated the size of the chip and placed the fiber bead at what I thought would be low enough to catch the chip.  Took the shot chip gone!!!  Middle bottom picture.  That was good enough for me this rifle is a shooter... Packed up and came home.

Perfect timing - I got about mile back up the road and it stated rain/snowing - hard and fast...

Sometimes things just work out!
Keep shooting muzzleloaders - They are a blast!!


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