Author Topic: Where would you buy?  (Read 1221 times)

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Re: Where would you buy?
« Reply #15 on: February 16, 2018, 06:19:08 PM »
Best bang for your buck depends on a lot of variables.  To me, any land purchase absolutely must have a reasonable expectation for capital appreciation.  Also, its gotta be close enough that you can use it without too much travel, have enough game to make it desirable (and regulations you can live with), and cheap enough that you can afford it.

Patience is required because it is not very often that a property comes available that meets all your criteria, at least on the west side.  Daily, or at least weekly checks for new listings keep you in the game and prevent you from missing a gem.  Once you think you've located a good prospect, you better move fast because many other people play the same waiting game, and the good ones get snapped up quick. Get out there ASAP, walk the property, and ask the questions you need answered.   It can be hard to pull the trigger, but in my mind, it is better to make an offer with either (reasonable) contingencies or a feasibility study waiting period included in the offer.  That locks you in ahead of other potential buyers and gives you an out if you suddenly find yourself with buyer's remorse.

Just this week, I locked in a contract for 25 acres of twenty-five year old timberland on the Kitsap Peninsula in an area I'd been watching/waiting for nearly two years to find just the right piece.   Even though the drive is quite a bit more than I'd like, the price was so low, I just couldn't pass it up, .   I'm pretty stoked to see if the deer population in that area is as robust (and the genetics are as good) as reported. 

Good luck in your hunt.

Awesome advice and a great find!  I agree that patience is the key.  Happy hunting, brother.

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Re: Where would you buy?
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I wouldn't buy in this state, quotas for most types of hunts are going down with no real hope of a rebound.  I do agree that for what a guy could pay for 20 solid acres somewhere you could buy a bunch of gas and plane tickets and hunt some of the most prime land in the country without having to worry about changing quotas, seasons, taxes, regulations, neighbors and trespassers.

If I was to buy land, it would be in AK or WY.

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Re: Where would you buy?
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