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Author Topic: My spring season  (Read 664 times)

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My spring season
« on: April 17, 2009, 08:52:06 PM »
I arrived at the farm where I had permission on early Tuesday. Listened for goobles. none.
i canvased the farm and found feathers and piles of 20 ga shells. later when i talked to the owner,
i was told his grandkids had shot 5 boxes of shells on youth day. apparently the turkeys left town after that.
he gave me an alternate farm and i checked it out. feathers and droppings. on opening day i went to the spot
andheard one gobble and a hen. nothing the rest of the day. i moved to a better location the next day and no gobbles or hens. i headed back to the truck and came across a ravine and did a call. there were at least 6 gobblers answering. this went on for about a half hour. it was cold and windy. either i made a bad call or a boss gobbler shut the others down. suddenly there was nothing. i checked the area between me and the gobblers and found thick hedgerows that the turkeys would have to fly over. i moved to a better location, but the birds had stopped.
end of spring season for me. fall season is next. i have to go back to work to pay for the property taxes. hopefully in 2010 things will be better. (my caps key broke)
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