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Author Topic: Cory J.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Give it up. Where are the sheep pic's?  (Read 1447 times)

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 That oughta get (the subject title) your attention. Give up the story and make it good and post some picture's soon. I'm heading for a non-hunt camp in the snow during my long weekend and can't wait to hear about the outcome of your MT Sheep hunt. I hear he was a HOGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!Post'em,post'em,post'em!!!!!!!

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blacktail- I'll show you some picks when I see you or if I can get them off my new camera card i will post em. having some computer difficulties (it wants me to format the card) and I  don't want to take the chance of loosing the pictures...but it's a Booner !! :)

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Well first of all Congrats Cory! Can't wait to see the pics! Don't forget the story with those pics! Congratualtions!!!!

BTW, Do either of you guys have any field photo's of your Caribou hunt from a few years ago??

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