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Author Topic: Hunting in Yakima (Need Advice)  (Read 659 times)

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Hunting in Yakima (Need Advice)
« on: October 03, 2009, 12:00:59 AM »

So on the 21st of October I am headed over to the Yakima areas (Area 372,379 & 278) to do some deer hunting. Unfortunately I can't get over there earlier because of work. However I need some help on where about in those areas would be a good area to hunt? I normally hunt in Winthrop but can't this year because after I hunt for 2 days I'm heading over to Clear-water River in Idaho to do some Steelhead fishing. So can someone tell me what kind of deer I can expect over there Whitetail or Mule? Or any helpful advice you might have about where to hunt in those areas? Anything would be a big help. If I don't get my buck in that area than I might do some more hunting in the Polmeroy area on my way to Idaho because in that area Deer Hunting is open tell the 30th of October. Also I have my Bear and Cougar tag so can I expect to see either of those over in the Yakima Area? This is my first year I haven't gone out scouted and I'm kinda winging it this year. Which is not normally my style. So anyways I hope one of you hunter can help me out I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks, and Good Luck to all of you this Deer Season.


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