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Extracting and Editing Audio from YouTube videos.
« on: November 17, 2010, 01:44:09 PM »
Extracting and Editing Audio from YouTube videos.

Here is a tutorial on audio extraction (and editing) from YouTube videos… I have not refined it yet, but it is doable with the two free tools listed below and Audacity. You can follow along by downloading the software below from their respective sites and the video by copying this link (minus the ~) into Save2PC.


Save2PC Light
This software is needed to save the videos to your pc.
The Freeware version only saves as Mpeg, Avi and Flv. Other versions (paid) can save to many formats including Mp3 and Wav, which would eliminate the need for the extraction software.

This software is needed to extract the audio from the video. It will save it as Mp3, Wav, Wma and more.

In the Save To: box, select a location to save your file.
In the Save As: box select a file format. I used AVI because I did not get audio when I used Mpeg.
In the Download From: box, I left it set at Auto.
In the Link: box, you only want the address to the video. You don’t want the descriptive text or web tags.

For this example I copied only the web address from the first video (Pet Cougar in Heat) from a post on HW and then copied it into the Link box. Notice I did not copy the #ws portion of the address.

When copying from YouTube the process may be different, but you still only want the direct address.

Hit start. When finished you will check your Save To: location and preview the video. If it copied correctly you can move on. If it did not, you may need different codec’s or try to save as a different file format.

To extract the audio from the video you will need to click “Add files”.
Select an output location or the default will place the extracted audio in the source (video) folder.
Select “Output Format”. For this lesson I have selected MP3. I also left the Audio settings at “Auto”.
Select “Convert” to extract the audio.

Or another (and easier way) to extract audio from YouTube videos is to use “Youtube 2 MP3”.

Just copy the video address into the Video URL box, choose a location to store your MP3 and hit Download.


Open your audio file in Audacity. This file is just over 3 minutes long with some clinks/clanks and some people talking so we are going to shorten it and clean it up a bit.

In the first 32 seconds you will notice that the cat is calling at low volumes and that is where you can really hear the people talking. I want to remove the talking and the dead sound in the beginning and remove some other sounds in the middle of the file.

Zoom in on the file by clicking on the magnifying glass with an X on it. I placed the cursor at 32 seconds and then selected back to the beginning.

Hit the delete button on your keyboard and you will remove the first 32 seconds.

At just under 5 seconds there is also a noise that I want to remove so I repeated the above process. Just select what you don’t want and hit delete.

To ensure a smooth transition I selected audio from 4 seconds to 5.5 seconds and pushed the play button.

Between 13 and 14 seconds there is some camera noise that I want removed so again I select the area to remove and hit delete on the keyboard.

Then from the 30-second mark to the end, I selected the rest of the clip and deleted it. Now I only have a 30 second clip that I can export as a Wav or Mp3 and loop in my electronic call. But first I want to remove some audio hiss and then boost the sound. You can find out how to do those in the other Audacity tutorials here.

Main Tutorial,7827.0.html

Hiss Removal,61909.0.html
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Re: Extracting and Editing Audio from YouTube videos.
« Reply #1 on: November 17, 2010, 02:50:54 PM »
Man you did a ton of work on this tutorial.  Thanks so much.  As if I didnt spend enough time on youtube.  I will be sure to tell my wife who's fault it is now.   :chuckle: :chuckle: :chuckle:

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Re: Extracting and Editing Audio from YouTube videos.
« Reply #2 on: November 17, 2010, 02:55:24 PM »
Thanks a lot!!!  That was a LOT of work!  This is why I love this forum. 

The only problem is now I "have to" spend more time on the computer.  Wife will just have to understand I guess.  Maybe I can talk one of the kids into doing it for me...

Thanks for explaining it simply for us old guys.
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Re: Extracting and Editing Audio from YouTube videos.
« Reply #3 on: November 17, 2010, 06:56:19 PM »
I would like to thank Adnahoundsman for the Pazera tip and I would also like to thank Kain for the Youtube 2 MP3 tip.

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Re: Extracting and Editing Audio from YouTube videos.
« Reply #4 on: November 17, 2010, 07:13:44 PM »
Nice BTKR! Thanks!

I couldn't get Pazera to work right, might have been a windows 7 thing, but I got AoA and it works for my videos . . . I got 7 sounds off the older Cougar at the Game Farm! (My digital recorder only got 3 before it ran out of memory!)
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Re: Extracting and Editing Audio from YouTube videos.
« Reply #5 on: November 18, 2010, 05:26:13 AM »
Could be a W7 thing.  :dunno:I have not moved up yet.  >:(


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