Author Topic: Mule deer sheds are my unicorn, mythalogical horns that are non-existant!  (Read 2859 times)

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I have been bow hunting for ten years or so and havn't been much of a "shed hunter" but have picked up a few over the years by pure chance.  This last year I started a new job that allows me to be in the woods a bunch and I have been finding sheds on a regular basis and now I'm starting to get into the sport of actively looking for sheds.  I split my time between good whitetail areas and areas where I see numerous mule deer.  Here is my problem, to date I have around 32 white tail sheds from this year and ONE muley.  What is the trick to mule deer, I know the bucks dont leave earth after the rut because I see some of you guys and gals finding tremendous mule deer sheds.  Today I was out and found a group of 7 muley bucks.  Are they in a different spot now then they were when they shed or should the sheds be in the same vicinity as the deer Im seeing now?  In short, Im seeing lots of mule deer (bucks included) but only one shed, what is my malfunction?  Thank you.

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Hard to know without knowing what type of terrain your in and where..those bucks coulda been lower when they shed and now up some with snow melt. I have found big muley sheds at 4,000 ft on south facing slopes near the canadien border

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shed hunting is getting pretty popular, actually its getting crazy popular, maybe you have been beat to the punch?
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They move around a lot. Just because they are in one area at one time doesn't mean they will be there wintering and dropping sheds. Find some country that they winter in and beat the other to punch and you should fine some bone :IBCOOL:
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Just give up. :twocents:

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Just give up. :twocents:
Seriouly though, maybe stop "looking" for them, just go for hikes in areas where sheds might be, i know for me i seem to find sheds when i am not looking for them..
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Look more at the ground.  A friend of mine had to re-condition himself for antler hunting because he was in buck hunting mode.  He kept looking for deer when he should have been searching the brush.  I much prefer looking for elk antlers because they are bigger than deer and somewhat easier to see.

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Thank you for the advice, Im probably trying too hard.  I did find this buck the other day, too bad you cant keep them when they shed thier entire head all together. :bash:


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