Author Topic: Swhacker Broadheads - Stay Away  (Read 3772 times)

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Re: Swhacker Broadheads - Stay Away
« Reply #25 on: September 21, 2016, 06:31:50 PM »
Here is the problem with expandables in the West side. You shot through a very little brush and the expandable will open up and get hooked on another twig.  I tried it on a target and if you have any expandable you should never shoot through brush. 

I have two types of broad heads in my quiver...
The farthest two arrows in the quivers are expandable's
The three nearest are Shuttle T-Locks which will blow through brush. 

I do this for the simple reason of blood trail...  I love the expandable blood trails.  Most animals do not go beyond 75 yards after you put an arrow in their lungs.  But it is nice to follow a blood trail quickly to the animal. 

Anyway, Just my opinion...

IMO no arrow should ever go through brush. Slows it down and will kick it every which way possible with a slight brush of a branch. No way.

I understand your comment is your opinion.  My comment is my opinion and my results as I have killed at least three elk blowing through brush to hit a kill shot on an elk.  I have tested the arrow on different types of brush.  If the brush are ferns...  No deflection within 3 feet of the target.  Huckleberry bush at most a 3 inch deflection.  Still worth accurate...   If it is thick brush and dead fur bows...  I don't take the shot.  If in Jack Firs that is 12 feet high the deflection is about 3 - 4 inch. 

If your target is the lungs of an elk ...  That is a huge target.  Those deflections are not going to amount to enough to wound the elk in my opinion using fix blades like Shuttle T-Locks.  I would never use an expandable through any type of brush.  That is why I have the expandables and the fix blades in my quiver.

Again this is my opinion and how I do it...
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Re: Swhacker Broadheads - Stay Away
« Reply #26 on: September 29, 2016, 02:27:40 PM »
One word.  SAVORA.  And never look back.
Yes sir well put o only SAVORA'S go in my quiver

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Re: Swhacker Broadheads - Stay Away
« Reply #27 on: September 13, 2017, 08:34:57 PM »
Schwacker worked good on this little buck too. The shot hit high but caught the top of both lungs. DRT.
I am still ambivalent about whether I would shoot an elk with a schwacker.

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Re: Swhacker Broadheads - Stay Away
« Reply #28 on: Yesterday at 06:14:27 AM »
Shot a doe at 20 yards with the Swhacker 100g. Made it about 15 yards before expiring. I'm sold.


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