Author Topic: Traditions Vortec  (Read 1630 times)

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Traditions Vortec
« on: January 10, 2011, 05:23:51 PM »
Anyone have one or have reviews?  Seems like a nice gun, but thought I'd see what others know.

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Re: Traditions Vortec
« Reply #1 on: January 10, 2011, 08:54:23 PM »
There are many comments here. Do a search. Some like them while others have had problems. I have one and LOVE it. A couple of others have said the hammer spring has broke and the hammer fell and fired off a round. I looked at several MLs and found the vortek to be the best for me. I have not had any problems whatsoever and would not trade it for anything else at this point. I guess its like anything, some work well and some dont. I bet there are a few out there that owned a Pinto and it never failed them. Just like I've had a T/C fail on me. I just didn't speak about it in public. Do your own research! Only you can determine what works well for you. Have fun and enjoy the experience of the research.
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Re: Traditions Vortec
« Reply #2 on: January 10, 2011, 08:58:53 PM »
Lots of posts in the last few pages about this gun.
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Re: Traditions Vortec
« Reply #3 on: January 11, 2011, 07:24:31 AM »
I work at wholesales sports and sell guns.I've heard more complaints then good things about the Vortex
I would really consider buying a differant muzzleloader,seems like there's lots of missfires in this gun among other complaints.I own a Austin&Halleck and a Knight bighorn, if I was looking for a muzzloader
I would really try to find a Knight bighorn they are still around you just have to look their great muzzloaders and I'm sure the new knight co. will be making them again if not there fools.


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